Free Reads and Book Forums

A couple of links to free reads.

- The Wealth of Networks (via Lawrence Lessig)

- Beyond the European Social Model; a related podcast on the book

- Discretionary Time: A New Measure of Freedom

- Open Macro in Developing Countries

- Graph Theory

- The latest Cato Journal- (including articles Does Foreign Aid Help, Corruption and Human Development and book reviews of Undercover Economist and The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth)


- World Economic Outlook

- Is Globalization Here to Stay

- The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century

- Capitalism Achilles heel

- History Matters: Development for the 21st Century

- The World's Banker: A Story of Failed States, Financial Crises, and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations

- Book TV’s In Depth

- Oil: Anatomy Of An Industry (a podcast from Radio National’s Book Show)

- Accidental President of Brazil

- Book Forums from University Channel

Across the econ blogosphere two people have been busy providing us links to some of these free reads; New Economist and Ben Muse. Thank you very much for both of them.


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