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“Which is the higher value: to have an instant choice of fifty bad movies on your super cable system or to have a choice of only three good movies? Technology enables and that is a value but it is an incomplete value. A state-of-the-art stove in the kitchen and the latest ceramic cooking vessels do not provide a good meal. Could technology deliver a good meal? Possibly; when you put a frozen gourment dinner in your microwave you might do better than with your own cooking. Improving your own cooking, however, would be even better, with more flexibility and room for invention. The ability to send hundreds of e-mails does not ensure the ability to write something intelligent or amusing. None of this is the fault of technology, which does a wonderful job. It is the fault of those who believe that the momentum of technology will be sufficient. Having a fast car is not the same as having somewhere to go.”
-p.109, New Thinking for New Millennium, by Edward De Bono

I think it applies to blogs as well; the ability to post something does not ensure the ability to write something intelligent or useful. Just look at some blogs like Marginal Revolution (just kidding).

De Bono’s latest project includes creating a New Religion;

Next year I am launching a design for a 'new religion'. The emphasis is on positive action. No existing religion emphasises humour and yet humour is a key part of life. Humour is also the ability to change perceptions and see things differently. Most religions are about beliefs and the avoidance of sin.

In the 'new religion' there is belief in yourself and positive things to be done. This 'new religion' can be used in conjunction with any existing belief system. It simply adds the constructive element.

Humour certainly is something religious scholars need to get to grips with.

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