New Industrial Relations Laws

What is to some people the apocalypse, Australia is implementing new industrial relations laws today. In contrast to the very minor change in France, these changes seem to roll back a fair amount of regulation. Of course, the unions are doing their best to scare the bejeezus out of everybody:

But Qantas engineer Surace worries the union's industrial arsenal will be limited come Monday. Surace, an Australian Workers Union delegate from West Preston, is engaged to be married but now he does not know if he can afford a home. "Now I'm in another situation where I don't know if six months down the track I'm going to have a job or not. I can't plan my future. I have to wait six months before I can take a loan. How can I go out and buy a house today?"
My favorite excerpt is this one from the SMH:

Mr Blake says nurses are generally reluctant to strike, in any event.

"What they will do is leave. They'll go down the road and find someone who'll offer them more money," he says.

The Government has not only put a powerful new weapon in the hands of employers, but provided a commercial incentive for them to use it. If any employer wins a commercial advantage over its competition by cutting labour costs using the new laws, the competition will have to follow suit.

Interesting concept. Even more surprising is that Mr. Blake is the federal industrial officer with the Australian Nursing Federation.


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