For Hedonists it is without Parallel

reethi rah.bmpForbes last year had a list of the world’s most expensive resorts, one of which is in the Maldives;

And certainly, if any unlucky seaman found marooned in the Maldives in the 18th century was told that in the 21st century people would be willing to pay $10,000 to spend the night there, not to mention thousands more to travel there, he would have thought you had been spending too much time at the grog barrel.

But that's the nightly high-season rate at Rania, a new luxury resort that launched this September in the Maldives. The five-figure rate entitles guests to several hours of travel daily in the resort's yacht, unlimited treatments at the on-site spa, and all the meals and drinks they care to consume at the two gourmet restaurants. Oh yeah--and for another $750 (each), they can bring their friends along. Planning a visit in April? Great--it's not high season, but you'll still pay $8,000 a night.

Or take the newest property from One&Only Resorts, the One&Only Maldives at Reethi Rah, which was developed in conjunction with Kerzner International, a five-star hotel and resort operator. Here, guests enjoy the 109-acre island resort and its 12 private, white-sand beaches, and take their pick of the 130 guest villas. Some are on the beach, some over the water and some have their own pools--but each one comes with a "villa host" available around the clock to make sure the Champagne is properly cooled, or to test the pool water before anyone takes the plunge. Nightly room rates here start at a comparatively reasonable $930 during the holidays. But to avoid the riff-raff entirely, plunk down $1 million, which buys five days of room, board, Champagne, wine, tennis, diving and one spa treatment each for you and your 200 nearest and dearest.

It is said that Sol Kirzner invested some 150 million dollars at Reethi Rah which probably set a new standard in the Maldives. Sol Kirzner was named Hotelier of the World last year. The title is from an advertisement for a resort.


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