How Much To Be You?

Financial Cryptography has found some numbers on what it costs to forge an entire identity.

Most security designs simply assume that collecting the identity of someone grants the holder magical security properties; unfortunately the truth is far less encouraging and the result is that relying on identity collection is probably only reliable for stopping honest people and your poorer class of criminal from defrauding the system.

Is there price discrimination in identity-forging? Of course!

He tells us one passport costs just over £1000, but if we buy more, the price drops to around £800. What made the trade between the eastern European gang and the Sunday Herald’s team of undercover reporters even more disturbing was the fact that the gangsters believed they were dealing with Irish terrorists looking for fake identity papers for members of their paramilitary organisation.

I don't know why, but the idea that there are economies of scale in forgery struck me. Is it all down to a science now, or do purchasers just forego something in quality? Or maybe there are just that many good forgers out there. Personally, I wasn't even able to carry off a good fake parent signature in high school. Guess it's back to my math books then...


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