“Everybody’s Friend, Nobody’s Friend”- Self Help from Thomas Sowell

At work place and in life you meet all sorts of people. A recent incidence at the work place of a colleague taught me how difficult it is to gauge a true friend. The person closest to you could betray you when his interests are at stake for the pettiest of things.

This reminded me of an incident noted by Thomas Sowell in his biography A Personal Odyssey. When Sowell was at the Marine Corps he was once charged with being A.W.O.L . (absent without leave) and a pre planned court martial was scheduled for him. He approached one of the sergeants for help whom everyone thought was someone you could trust because of his friendly and genial character. But at the end of day it was another Sergeant whom they called ‘little Caesar’ who came forward to tell the truth about the incident. According to Sowell the incident, “…taught me something painful but valuable, not only about Sergeant Gordon, but also about other people who are everybody’s friend- which usually means that they are nobody’s friend.”


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