Via Slashdot I noticed the announcement that NASA and Google are teaming up.

Google is expanding rapidly and recently raised more than $4bn for new projects by selling shares in the company.

As part of the venture, Google will develop one million square feet of real estate at the Nasa Ames research centre.

Apart from the general benefits of the interaction, an article at MSNBC suggests that Google might have recruiting issues in mind:

As long as this project doesn't detract Google from its paid-search knitting, I say blast off at will! There may be another method to this celestial madness. The company has been a busy recruiter lately, adding 700 new hires this past quarter alone. Perhaps NASA Research Park will help Google lure the brainiac scientific intellects that it covets who can't be swayed by piles of cash.

With their current reputation as one of the coolest companies around to work for, 700 hires means thousands of job applicants. I'm not sure Google is having a hard time with its recruiting. Maybe it's the other way around?

Federal performance of R&D (as measured by spending -- not the best measure, granted, but a good indicator) as a share of overall spending has declined dramatically:


If more and more cutting edge work is done outside of the public sphere, could it be that the government sees this collaboration as a good way to utilize the talents of the people it's having a harder and harder time drawing?


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