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justdoit.jpgToday�s thought of the day is from the excellent Indian blog of Turbanhead. Even Coca Cola is not happy with the photographer and is threatening to slap a defamation suit for Rs. 2 Million and demanding an �unconditional apology�.

Turbanhead has a lot of humorous posts like this one, Fashion Terrorists, and lot of clips of Bollywood movies.

Talking about Bollywood, here are eight things you ought to know about Bollywood. I have earlier commented about the overdose of Indian patriotism in some of the Bollywood movies. It seems the tax system also encourages it;

States use taxes to protect local language cinemas, and the Indian government waives taxes on films that are deemed to be especially patriotic (recently, films like Lakshya and LOC: Kargil were 'tax-free'. So the next time you see some uber-patriotic war film and wonder how Bollywood got so patriotic all of a sudden, keep in mind that there's a profit-margin in there....)

The success rate for Bollywood films is 15-20 percent. The vast majority of films are 'flops'. The industry survives because there is always some rich sap ready to invest in another film.�


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