Encounters with small business

My recent experience with a small businessman delighted me so much that I thought I'd mention it here. This is done for no better reason than to constantly remind myself and others of the sheer magnificence of seeing the market system in action.

Though I hesitate to bring up personal items, I am getting married soon. I mention this because, as is the case for just about anyone in this situation, I now spend a great deal of time party-planning, including serving as a sounding board to my lovely bride-to-be as she moves through innumerable tiny decisions. One of these is the method by which table numbers should be displayed on the tables at the reception. As it happens, Martha Stewart's Wedding magazines recently featured one of "her" typical do-it-yourself solutions using a specific type of wire that met the approval of my fiance. I was thus asked to help procure a certain amount of the stuff. She's not the only one whose fancy was struck, it turns out.

Radio Daze, of Victor, New York has been inundated with calls from future brides concerning the cloth-covered wire that was highlighted in a recent issue of the magazine. This company, specializing in products and parts for vintage radio and electronics, is now a current rage with junior Marthas looking for a bit of a personal touch. The orders have increased to the point that the product is now simply known as "wedding wire". This provides a solid chuckle for the self-described "old fogeys" that usually frequent the store.

I spoke with a man at the store, and talked for a good while about the influx of business. He's taking it well in stride, and just has to laugh a bit. One of the women he works with attempted to make some of the featured table-number holders, and proclaimed "these brides have a lot more patience than I did. There must be a learning curve for this sort of thing."

The store was, in fact, "warned" that they would be included in the upcoming magazine. They apparently had no idea the scope of what was to come, however. The extra attention is neither unwanted nor a hassle. I just wonder if, whoever first started Radio Daze likely out of a long interest in the world of antique radio, could have ever considered that such a peripheral product (well, less peripheral for those seeking to keep their speakers working, I suppose) would gather so much national attention.

Mostly, though, it's the sheer volume of exactly this sort of thing going on everyday that astounds me even more. The most important point: Radio Daze was an absolute delight to talk and do business with and I hope their good fortune continues.


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