Finally, A Complimentary Book!

After years of persistent blogging, I received my first book compliments of a publisher. I've been waiting for my free copy of Freakonomics and was hoping for a deluge of anti-WalMart books, so what do you think the book sent to me is about? Take a guess:

A) Business
B) Economnics
C) Wal-Mart
D) Libertarianism
E) None of the above

Correct Answer: E. Of course!

It's about being a professional in the U.S. Army, a topic I've never really studied or published on. Still, I'd like to heartily thank the account manager at McGraw Hill for kindly sending me a copy of The Future of the Army Profession, 2nd. edition.

Now, I have never been an Army professional, nor will I ever be, as long as selective service remains dormant. And due to conflicts of interest with my RAND affiliation, I cannot review this book, except to say the few of the 33 essays I've skimmed make for excellent, balanced reading -- although more historical-cultural-sociological-institutional and less data-driven than I prefer...

Also, please note that any views of military matters I might accidentally express here are not those of RAND, DoD, or Donald Rumsfeld.


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