Economics in the Movies: Wedding Crashers

Loosely following up on Ian's Movie Economics post, I am going just going to pretend that the last 3 months or so that I was absent didn't happen.

Sunday I did my part to boost the sluggish Hollywood movie market and I paid to see Wedding Crashers. I will not bore you with my review of this fantastic piece of comedy.

What does this have to do with economics other than my $25 contribution to GDP? The premise of the movie actually revolves around the main characters falling in love with the daughters of the Treasury Secretary, an economist, played by Christopher Walken. Walken offers some advice to his daughter helping her to choose between two beaus. As only an economist could; Secretary Cleary tells Claire, "We never know what the future holds. We can only choose based on all of the information we have available."

Brilliant! However, Claire finds that she is on the losing end of a transaction suffering from the moral hazard of information asymmetry. Claire's suitor, Owen Wilson, is using a false name, false career & false invitation to the wedding.


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