On Development

I did not study "economic development" as a separate field, and know little about it. I've decided to start reading on my own, and you'll be able to follow my progress, or lack thereof, in the Development category.

I'm following the syllabus of Pham Hoang Van of the University of Missouri. For today, here are two papers by Debraj Ray: Readings in the Theory of Economic Development and What's New in Development Economics?, now six and five years old respectively. But you have to start somewhere.

Here's the skinny, in my words:

"Convergence" thinking explains divergent development paths through unequal fundamentals. "Historical accident" thinking insists that equal fundamentals can yield divergent paths given different initial conditions. We must understand Exogenous vs. Endogenous factors. And of course, Theory + Reality Should Yield Policy.

Blah, blah, blah.

It seems that development rhetoric trumps development understanding...


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