GMU Commencement

I didn't attend commencement at GMU, but the WaPo profiled Amir Azad, an 18 year old up-and-coming Iranian-Austrian:

In the boisterous sea of green robes at George Mason University yesterday was Amir Azad, 18, who is looking forward to some light, summer reading: "Human Action," by the economist Ludwig von Mises, and "Man, Economy and State," by Murray Rothbard....

Like his father, a professor at Alzahara University in Tehran, he fell in love with economics and now quite earnestly says things such as: "My challenge is to look at the political changes and economic changes of the world from a realistic perspective, rather than an ideological perspective . . . to find the empirical analysis, so I can make my theoretical argument more powerful."

In particular, Azad admires the work of Friedrich Hayek and others who, he says, place the individual above groups, systems and political ideology. He is translating several articles into Persian, so that they may be more widely read in the Middle East, the region Azad hopes to influence some day, he said, along with "the world."

"Individualism," Azad said. "This concept is beyond time and place -- it's beyond history, really . . . the ability to grow and prosper to an extent unimaginable."

This fall, Azad will begin work on his doctorate at George Mason.

Mises blog had this a while ago, but T&B's value added is in noting that Amir's cousin has more detail.


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