Accounting and Condoms from the World Bank

The World Bank likes to call itself the Knowledge Bank. The wealth of material on its website is truly amazing. From accounting to sustainable development to condom procurement you will find material on its website. Below you will find some links from the World Bank to prove to you it truly is a Knowledge Bank.

International Accounting Standards - A Practical Guide

In response to the global financial crisis in 1998, an initiative was launched to strengthen the global financial structure, and, although the International Accounting Standards (IAS) have been in existence for some time, it is believed such initiative will help promote transparency in financial reporting, and acceptance of its wide range of international best practices. This publication provides guidance, and summarizes each IAS, while each chapter contains a simple case study, emphasizing the practical application of key concepts in a particular standard.....A conscious decision has been taken to focus on the needs of the executives and financial analysts in the private and public sectors who might not have a strong accounting background...

Beyond economic growth : an introduction to sustainable development

This book is designed primarily to help readers broaden their knowledge of global issues, gain insight into their country's situation in a global context, and understand the problems of sustainable development--both national and global. Because development is a comprehensive process involving economic as well as social and environmental changes, this book takes an interdisciplinary approach. It attempts to describe and explain the complex relationships among various aspects of development, including population growth, economic growth, improvements in education and health, urbanization, and globalization.

Condom Procurement Guide, Vol. 1 of 1

I don�t know why it is identified in the working papers section.

Related Links: Tyler Cowen commented recently about Sebastian Mallaby's book on Wolfensohn referring to it as the best book on World Bank. See also these two reviews of Wolfensohn�s legacy; one by Kenneth Rogoff and the other by Jagdish Bhagwati.


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