Ogling Google

I'm a huge movie buff. Love the things. Watch 'em all the time. Old, new, foreign, domestic, amateur, whatever. Almost got into the movie-making biz after college. Well, I was in it for a short time. Discovered I hated it. Possibly the worst career any thinking person can have unless you get to be the writer, cinematographer, or director. If you're not, it's sheer, living, breathing hell. Had a similar experience with the world of comic books. But that's neither here nor there. Add to this, though, T&B's penchant for discussing Google-related issues, and I can now work in that small reference to other personal interests.

Without further ado (read: blather), Google now has a new operator for searching: "movies:".

Give it a spin. It actually works quite well. Of course, this will certainly not enhance my productivity.

(Aside: The post's headline strikes me as a great title for a blog that does something similar to Always Low Prices. But I think it's ground that's being covered elsewhere.)


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