More Mankiw?

Scott Beaulier, guest blooging at Common Knowledge, writes that the administration should let Gregory Mankiw have a more prominent voice:

Mankiw's argument for outsourcing and his jobs projection became the leading news story on major television networks and the source of many attacks... when economic issues were in play during the election year, finding Mankiw was like trying to find Waldo.

Even though Mankiw's disappearance might have made political sense, he could end up being right on both points...

He's the best economist in the administration and the most ardent defender of globalization in the bunch. By being close to the mark on his jobs projections, perhaps he'll be allowed to talk about outsourcing again in the future.

In any event, now that the election is out of the way and Bush is seeking to use up some of his political capital, let's hope that he brings one of the more reasonable voices in the administration back into the mix on issues of economic policy and trade.

Brad DeLong seems to like the new non-arithmetically challenged Greg Mankiw too.

Still, it seems to me Mankiw can discuss outsourcing all he wants after the President asks him to resign. The rumor is that Mankiw is leaving next year because he wants to return to Harvard. However, M. is keeping mum...


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