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Tim Oren had a link to an article about some biometric technology which is being rolled out in Japan. The article doesn't mention the level of security the technology offers although I did find an article which mentions it being lower than iris scanning. Ultimately, what will drive the adoption of such technologies isn't if they are foolproof, but the benefits they bring. Fraud is here to stay no matter what technology is put into place and people will find a way around it.

Of course, technology has always had an oppressing effect on the underclass. Gone are the days when you could mug somebody and know they'll have cash on hand. There is an odd chance that the victim hasn't written their code on the card after all. Of course, this will only enhance the role education plays in crime. Earnings growth of criminals with college degrees will outstrip those of high school drop outs. Thus, the little guy will get crushed by corporate America once again and become their slaves. Corporate America, organize crime, what's the difference?

I will mention one other thing, such technology has benefits outside of security. For instance, it was damn unpleasant being locked out of my mom's house for six hours over Thanksgiving weekend when I left her house without a key. There was a keypad to get into the garage, but I forgot the code. It would be problematic to forget taking my eyes with me when leaving the house. If iris scanning becomes available for home security, I'm buying one.


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