I need a favour from you.

My hometown of Madras (Chennai) in South India was hit by the Tsunami.

I'm cross-posting this rushed entry from my own blog. Please help in any way possible:

Today, I'd like to ask everyone I know of through this forum - Chris, Govind, Masa, Ngan, Florian, Philip, Adora, Jacqueline, Kerry, Ian, Kevin, Bryan, William, Daniel, Tyler... get the word out. Get people to help. This is my home town... and I want to know that I did everything I could to help get money in.

Back in undergrad, I worked for two years with one of the most incredible charities in South India - AID. They are an incredible organisation, started and run by Indian students abroad, and powered by a gold medalist genius who left it all to work for the poor. One of the biggest positives of working with AID is that your money goes into what it needs to with the path of least resistance. Normally, around 10% upwards of most charitable contributions gets lost in administrative costs. Though I don't have AID's percentages off the top right now, it is extremely low. In 2002 and 2003, nine city colleges in Madras ran a charity collection drive - in 2002 we used the funds to send it to orphanages and poor children with special needs - in 2003 we instituted an endowment that paid the salary of 4 deserving social workers for one year.

AID is now working day and night on Tsunami relief operations across Tamil Nadu.

You can read more about it by clicking on this line. Please, please contribute!

You can also find authentic news from students on the ground on the site.


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