The Little Things

Customer service starts and ends with the little details. I prefer proper courtesy and attire, although I never expect a salesperson to remember my name and preferences. Binary Bonsai prefers to never fill out any more web form fields than absolutely necessary:

Here's why: In Denmark... we do not have 'states' or 'provinces'!

So stop forcing me in to filling out it out with something as redundant as NA. It's easy, here's how you do it: If I pick Denmark or any other non-state/provincial country from the dropdown, make the state/province input field non-required.

You've got dynamic pages and everything, it's not that hard.

Are online retail companies lazy, or are the costs greater than the benefits?

From the comments, we discover that regions come in many flavors: state, district, province, county, oblast, etc. And in Ireland, there are no postal codes--except for Dublin city--but most online forms require a postal code.


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