Daniel's Introduction

Much thanks to Kevin for the invitation to blog.

In brief, here's my story:
I'm finishing up my last semester as an undergraduate economics student at George Mason. Fall 2003 I started up a club here called the Order of Economics to bring together some people who liked sitting around and talking about economics (usually taking place at a pub). We're currently on a break.

Over the summer I decided to jump on the econ blog bandwagon and start my own from the advice of a friend (which has gradually fallen by the wayside--there's just too many blogs out there as it is).

The economics that I am mostly interested in and try to practice is 'Everyday Economics' which typically doesn't involve much (if any) technical machinery, as was initially spurred by Landsburg's book "The Armchair Economist (though there are many more to credit for this genre)."

I hope to hear some feedback and look forward to posting soon.



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