Union Busting

I was going to post the recent happenings north of border dealing with Wal-Mart's union troubles, but Kevin beat me to it. I searched for more info on unions in Canada and came across a rather disturbing case of employer intimidation:

Toronto, Ontario: The Ontario Labour Relations Board will begin a hearing tomorrow into unfair labour practices filed by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union against the Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada and Salvation Army Community Living, London, Ontario.

The union has been on strike at Salvation Army Community Living since December 14, 1999.

The union is charging that the employer and a private security firm retained by the employer, have engaged in unlawful conduct by:
conducting surreptitious audio and video surveillance of the picketers;

intercepting private communications between persons on the picket line;

intimidating and harassing picketers through verbal abuse and sexual harassment;

and physically striking picketers by running into them with their vehicles

If you see one of those guys ringing the bell hop into a car after you just blew him off, run!


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