Markets For Everything: Mom Must Be Proud Edition, or "My case of buyer's remorse is worse than yours."

David Vardy's a virgin. And it seems he's tired of that fact.

So he's auctioning off his virginity on eBay.

Not surprisingly, a number of the offers have been very odd, he says. High prices and far afield locations. The act of selling a sexual experience on the internet could well be the cause of that one. But that's just a guess. And how is this not prostitution, you might be wondering? Well, because he's not going to do it again:

"I'm not selling myself for sex repeatedly like a prostitute," Vardy said. "And the money issue is simply there to put back the losers and make sure that only serious bidders are interested in this. I want to protect my own safety, to be honest. … I was in this from the start to lose my virginity, and I'll see it through. So, I'm going to accomplish that if it's the last thing I do."

Apparently it's not prostitution until you sell yourself multiple times. Maybe the streetworkers in Chicago should have mileage counters with them, so that cops can tell the neophytes from the old pros.

One note about the article itself: one would hope that the caption on the picture of Vardy is intentional, and not the product of poor word choice that it appears to be.


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