NonProfit Slowness: The Case of the ASA

Today I registered to become a student member of the American Statistical Association. It's cheap-- $10--and with some small additional fees, I will get electronic access to a bunch of journals I otherwise would have to spend 30 minutes driving to the library to read. (My university doesn't have electronic access to the current editions of some journals).

However, the ASA will not enter my application into their system for 10 business days. Why so long? No explanation is given, although I was grateful that they warn registrants of this slow process. I was still astonished, but that feeling occurred when I forgot I was an aspiring economist.

I couldn't understand why the ASA would have a web form that immediately emails you your registration information, and not have that same information sent to their own membership database.

I should have been able to register online, and have the data immediately sent to a reviewer who could verify my student credentials and give me access in short order.

What really amazed me was that they couldn't speed things up when I called them on the phone and volunteered to go to ASA headquarters, which is only two miles from my home.

Question: Would you shop at a store that wouldn't give you an account for 10 days?

Note: As of the time of this post, the ASA website is currently offline!


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