Allow myself to introduce... Myself

As Austin Powers said "Allow myself to introduce... myself". My name is Taggert J. Brooks, I'm a recently promoted Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. I answer to my intials, T.J., since that was my intended name, but unfortunately people convinced my mother to give me a *real* name. She wanted something out of the ordinary which she definitely got when she stumbled on the name Taggert while reading about one of Charlie Manson's victims . Taggert Ohta, son of Dr. Ohta and only 11 years old, poor kid.

Now the only people who call me Taggert are credit card companies with amazing deals on payment protection. I do use the name Taggert professionally mostly becuase I look like I'm 16 and initals would make me sound like it as well. Besides I'm not famous enough to just use my initials. I've thought about using T. Jonathan but it doesn't have the ring of N. Gregory or J. Bradford, or the myriad of other people using their first initial and middle names.

Anyhow, enough about names, on to the important stuff, my interests. There isn't much in economics that doesn't interest me, but these days I seem to be working on economic education stuff, and I still write on exchanges rates, in particular PPP, becuase there aren't enough PPP papers out there. I'm up for tenure in the Fall so my *real* research interests will remain a mystery until then.

Finally thanks to Kevin for the opportunity to blog here, I hope to help improve his Marginal Product, and in the process hopefully not dimish mine. I will still try to post on my own blog as well: A Random Walk.


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