The Reason They Make The Environment Interactive

By Ian

The next time you round a corner to take shots a demon, an alien race, or one of the people you swore to serve and protect, you might come face-to-face with a billboard for soda, snacks, ammo, or something else.

"It is simply impossible to offset a 50% rise in development costs via retail sales. It just can't be done," Longano said. "Publishers are going to HAVE to have a secondary revenue source. It varies game-to-game depending on the specific ad implementation, but in-game ads can increase publisher revenue an additional 20-30% above the amount generated by the title's retail sales."

I'm actually surprised it's taken this long to become a "big idea". With the success of pro-football and racing games, -- two real sports almost deluged with corporate sponsorship -- the inclusion of branded cars, billboards, or even full digital commercials for actual brands would seem natural to me.

Of course, with the increasing interactivity of video-game environments, such ads may turn into favorite targets of abuse.

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