By Bob

If you had to rank the following countries as to the level of political stability according to the ICRG, what order would you put them in from least stable to most stable( data as of 12/06).

United States
New Zealand

Here's a description of the index:

Government Stability – 12 Points
This is an assessment both of the government’s ability to carry out its declared program(s), and its ability to stay in office. The risk rating assigned is the sum of three subcomponents, each with a maximum score of four points and a minimum score of 0 points. A score of 4 points equates to Very Low Risk and a score of 0 points to Very High Risk.
The subcomponents are:
• Government Unity
• Legislative Strength
• Popular Support

Answer below the fold

Netherlands - 5
New Zealand -6
United States - 7
Thailand - 8.5
Zimbabwe - 8.5
Iran - 9.5

I think I need an autocracy dummy.

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