Maldives Update

By Paul

Finally some internationally coverage of the events in the Maldives. BBC reports from the country;

“Police in full riot gear quelled the demonstrators outside the court, reports the BBC's Dumeetha Luthra at the scene.

At one point they suddenly turned on one of the BBC's team members.

Without provocation they squirted pepper spray into his face, and threatened him with violence and prison…”

EU also released a press release;

“Over the last months, the Maldivian security forces have repeatedly cracked down on peaceful gatherings in Male. The EU is very concerned over recent numerous arrests of peaceful demonstrators by security forces. These arrests create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation among the civilian population and go against the spirit of the Government’s Road Map for the Reform Agenda published in March 2006.

The EU considers freedom of expression and freedom of association fundamental democratic rights which only serve a purpose if the people can exert these rights free from fear and intimidation.

The activities of the Maldivian Government’s security forces cast serious doubts on a full commitment to the reform process.

The EU calls upon the Maldivian Government to act in the spirit of its Road Map for the Reform Agenda and to create a favourable atmosphere for the political reforms it has committed itself to.

The EU considers it important for the government at this stage clearly to show the people of the Maldives a more accommodating approach to political opposition. As it does for the opposition to engage constructively in return.”

More coverage at Minivannews and Dhivehiobserver.

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