Geico Sues Google; Entrepreneurs React

By Kevin

Geico sues Google for having sponsored ads that do not lead to Geico when "geico" is entered as a search term. Fark picks it up (that's where I found it). Fark reader Chris May buys a Google ad so he can be the top sponsored return when geico is entered into Google. Dave Pell had the same idea.


UPDATE 12/15/04: Case dismissed--boy, that was quick:

District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema, responding to a motion by Google for summary judgement on the issue, ruled that there was not enough evidence that the policy confuses consumers. Google filed its motion after Geico rested its case....

The judge has yet to rule on another claim by Geico, that Google is liable for trademark infringement when it lets marketers buy ads that use trademarked names in the ad copy. Google executives have said they remove such ads when trademark holders complain.

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