How Much Does Hulu Gross per Show?

There are a few data points resulting from the unexpected news two weeks ago that Hulu made a profit in 2009.

  • $100M in revenue in 2009.

  • 903 million videos in January 2010.

  • Triple year over year growth in vids served

This implies 300M vids served in Jan 2009, and an average increase in 50M every month through 2009. An average of 600M per month over 12 months is 7.2B videos. $100M/7200M implies 1.3 cents of revenue per video served. If 50% is shared with owners, we're talking about 0.65 cents per vid served. Wow.

How much money should vid producers expect from this model, since it doesn't seem possible to use this Hulu to pay for a substantial portion of the costs of expensive television programming?


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